Hear what men are saying after using Bigen EZ Color for Men. From the no-mess application to the multiple uses, to the natural, long-lasting results — just like these guys — if you give Bigen EZ Color for Men a try, we know you'll love it!

"It’s the most natural looking hair color I’ve ever used."

With EZ Color I use one box for my beard and hair, it was simpler, faster than any other product I had used…

- Dave B.


"My skin didn't stain!"

I’m kinda messy when I do things and it didn’t leave a mess when I was done.

- James S.


"You just brush it in."

It stays in place, doesn’t make my hair stink, it’s easy to apply, and it works great. I love it!

- Rob N.


"EZ Color saved me time and money."

Any guy who really wants to color his hair and make himself look younger again, the product works

- Steven G.


"EZ Color works and I love it!"

I would recommend EZ-Color to any of my friends that have grey hair… whether they been using other stuff, because it’s very easy!

- Stony J.


"It is much better than the other products that I have used…"

EZ Color is a good name for the product because it really is easy to apply.

- Ernie C.


"We all want to looker younger and better."

The ease and simplicity of putting it in was just phenomenal.

- John S.


"The value proposition is so much better."

I would certainly recommend the EZ Color product to anybody simply because I’ve seen how it works for me.

- Joe S.