Why Choose Bigen EZ Color for Men?

EZ Color for Men colors both your hair and beard with great results. EZ Color won't stain your face or scalp, doesn't drip, is easy to apply, is gentle to your hair and gives you natural looking color. With all that going for it, the real question is: why wouldn't you choose EZ Color? It's time for a younger looking you.

EZ Color For A Younger Looking You

Don't let your gray do the talking. Look as young as you feel!


Easy Application For Hair or Beard

Just spread a small amount of EZ Color on the EZ Color comb to comb away the gray. The same EZ Color formula can be used on your beard, too!


The EZ Color Stain Test

EZ Color leaves no trace behind, so nobody will know your secret. We tested EZ Color against the leading men's hair color. You won't believe the results.


The EZ Color Drip Test

Unlike the "other guys," EZ Color doesn't drip or stain. It stays right where you put it.


EZ Color - What Men Are Saying

Men love using EZ Color! Just watch and see.


EZ Color's Gentle Formula

EZ Color's Mix-free, Drip-free, Stain-free, Mess-free formula includes conditioning agents like aloe vera for soft, smooth, manageable hair.